Bio Spa
Sea Of Spa presents the Bio Spa Triple Effect Complex series. The very latest technologies have been used in the sea of spa laboratories to create the Triple Effect Complex, a breakthrough in the field of beauty care. 
The active ingredients of the products provide a perfect balance in facial skin care, each harmoniously complementing the action of the others.
What is the Triple Effect Complex?
The Triple Effect Complex in the Bio Spa series is based on the power of the unique natural minerals of the Dead Sea, combined with Dunaliella seaweed. Dunaliella is the only seaweed to live in the depths of the Dead Sea, and is packed with its essential minerals.

The series is also enriched with vital and active vitamins, combined with omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, which are also known for their unique properties and positive effects in facial skin care.

The Triple Effect Complex contributes to properly balanced skin care
- Cleansing the skin in the best possible way
- Maintaining the natural balance of the skin's moisture level
- Helping to retard the formation of new wrinkles
- Strengthening the skin's natural protection and protecting against free radicals
- Increasing the skin's natural moisture
- Giving the skin a supple, fresh, healthy and radiant appearance.

The complex contains 27 types of natural minerals from the Dead Sea, which is known as the richest source in the world of the minerals that are essential for maintaining healthy skin and are an important factor in providing the skin with moisture and achieving a healthy, young, fresh and radiant appearance.