Lactolan Peeling Cream Uses Cheese to Enhance Beauty

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How to Whiten Your Skin with Lactolan Cheese Peeling Cream to Enhance Beauty launches new website offering unique cheese-based peeling cream


R'aanana, Israel (April 20, 2009) - Did you ever think that treating your face to a “cheesy” cream would result in healthy, clear skin that would also whiten your skin?

Well, here comes Lactolan Peeling Cream made from 60% cheese. According to, "the Lactolan Peeling Cream includes a high concentration of fresh cheese and milk. Cheese and milk are well known for their great skin care qualities and together with natural botanic extracts makes the product gentle yet effective for a beautiful and healthy complexion."

According to, all that is required is to put the Lanctolan cream for ten to fifteen minutes on your face and you will experience a “hypnotic experience and smell." The Cream whitens your skin and is highly effective in removing dead skin cells by breaking the cells’ bonds for a gentle exfoliating action. It softens and saturates the skin and may be used to revitalize the eye area, to lighten dark circles under the eyes and decrease the depth of creases. The company claims that you can see the difference within a short period of time.

Sara Davidson, a senior aesthetician from Israel, regularly uses Lactolan on her clients and maintains "that the peeling cream will show a younger, softer and healthier skin well nourished and hydrated. Lactolan fortifies the skin’s self-mechanisms against contamination and irritations caused by ecological conditions, environmental stress and debris. The skin tone will brighten and the texture becomes uniform and velvety. Tired looking skin is revitalized and rejuvenated with a greater elasticity."

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