What is normal delivery time before goods are dispatched?
Most goods are dispatched within 3 working days. In the event that your order will be dispatched in more than 3 days, we will inform you by email.

When am I charged for my order?
You are charged the same day that the goods are shipped from our warehouse.

How secure is your site?
We are using the latest industry standard of Internet security, SSL. We regard both the security and privacy of our customers with highest regard and will continuously update our security measures accordingly to ensure that our customers are protected.

Will I receive an invoice/receipt for my purchases?
Of course. All products ordered via Israel Cosmedics arrive directly to your home with an invoice/receipt inside the package. If the invoice/receipt is not in the package, it may have been sent to you in a separate letter. If that is the case, you may contact us with any question using the form at contact page.

Do you ship all over the world?
Yes. We are pleased to ship our products via regular air mail. For shipment via EMS (Express Mail Service) there are a few limitations to specific countries. You can choose from 90% of the countries in world from the list appearing in the check-out form. From this list you can choose regular or express delivery. If your country does not appear on the list, please choose other and enter the name of your country in the comments box.

I run a store and I am interested in purchasing large quantities of products. How do I do this?
We are pleased to supply products in any quantity. Please contact us via the site at contact page.

How will I know that my order has been received?
As soon as you have completed your order we will send you an email message with the order information (order number, price and amount) to the email account you provided with your order. You will also see when your credit card has been charged.

What procedure am I to follow if I receive damaged goods or am not satisfied with the goods that I receive?
Please read our return policy.

Our Uniqueness

What is the difference between your multivitamin and vitamin C milli capsules and other companies' products?
We represent the original manufacturers of the multivitamin and vitamin C milli capsules, Pharma Cosmetics, a subsidiary of Holyland Cosmetics. Pharma Cosmetics has been making private labels of the multivitamin, vitamin C milli capsules and Q10 products for companies throughout the world since 1995. We provide fair prices for the same known quality and results.

What is unique in your multivitamin and vitamin C milli capsules?
The multivitamin and vitamin C milli capsules are preserved in air-tight capsules. When you pump them out they break and the freshness is maintained . They are very potent vitamins because they don't have time to oxidize in the bottle. The results are stable, strong vitamin C and multivitamin serums. We provide the most active, cosmeceutical range no synthetic fragrances or colors products. They are very result oriented. The multivitamin serum is the most comprehensive multivitamin. The results are phenomenal and work on all skin types. It provides antioxidants and combats aging skin.

What are cosmeceuticals?
Cosmeceuticals represent a marriage between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. They have medicinal or drug-like benefits. Like cosmetics, cosmeceuticals are topically applied, but they contain ingredients that influence the biological function of the skin. Cosmeceuticals improve appearance, but they do so by delivering nutrients necessary for healthy skin. These products improve the functioning of the skin and are helpful in preventing premature aging. Examples include anti-wrinkle creams, moisturisers and sunscreens.

Why cosmeceuticals?
The concentration of active non-drug ingredients and their unique potent combinations improve appearance and are helpful in preventing premature aging. The products go way beyond regular topical skin care; they work at the molecular level. Your skin will never feel so clean, soft, balanced and pure. By providing nutrients and vital vitamins to the skin, cosmeceuticals induce more even skin tone, improve skin texture, increase skin radiance, decrease the appearance of skin wrinkling, and provide anti-aging benefits.

Why buy cosmetics from Israel?
Israel Cosmedics introduces you to the beneficial properties of Israel's unique cosmetics industry. The special formulations of natural herbs used in the skin care products are antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, restorative, heal distressed skin, prevent tissue degeneration, stimulate skin growth, and repair cracked, dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin. The potent cosmeceutical preparations provide unparallel results for all skin types. Cosmetics produced in Israel have long been known for its vitamin and mineral-rich, cleansing, healing, and rejuvenating properties.

How to (cosmetics)

How to apply face cream.
See our paper on "how to apply face cream".