How to Whiten Your Skin with Lactolan Cheese Peeling Cream



Imagine you are on a farm, milking natural and pure milk from a cow and then making tasty cheese out of it. You eat the fabulous cheese and lick it. It's so delicious. You indulge yourself and don't want to stop. And then you realize that the cheese touches your face and smears all over it. It’s actually a pleasant feeling. You don't want to take it off. You just stay that way for ten minutes. After that you realize that it's about time to take it off. You wash your face. It feels great! You never thought that putting cheese on your face would feel so good. Your face shines and you look and feel younger.


Well, now you don't need to go to the farm, milk a cow and make your own cheese in order to look fabulous. Now there is Lactolan Peeling Cream, made from 60% cheese, and distributed by


You put Lactolan for ten to fifteen minutes on your face and enjoy the great hypnotic feeling and smell. The Cream whitens your skin and is highly effective in removing dead skin cells by breaking the cells’ bonds for a gentle exfoliating action. It softens and saturates the skin and may be used to revitalize the eye area, to lighten dark circles under the eyes and decrease the depth of creases. It enables your skin to rejuvenate. You see the difference yourself.

The Lactolan Peeling Cream includes an active biological complex of peptides, derived from a unique milk processing method, effective in increasing the skin’s moisture and promoting natural skin cell renewal. Milk is well known for its great skin care qualities and together with natural botanic extracts makes the product gentle yet effective for a beautiful and healthy complexion.

Lactolan Peeling Cream will show:

* A younger, softer and healthier skin well nourished and hydrated.

* A fortification of the skin’s self-mechanisms against contamination and irritations caused by ecological conditions, environmental stress and debris.

* The skin tone will brighten and the texture becomes uniform and velvety.

* Tired looking skin is revitalized and rejuvenated with a greater elasticity.

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