Skin Protection with Antioxidants

Skin Protection with Antioxidants -  3 Phase Program  

The “Three phase skin protection” program is an innovative concept in the world of professional cosmetics, focusing on protecting the skin from accelerated aging caused by daily exposure to harmful environmental factors.

  1. The first phase consists of formulations that filter sunrays, aimed at repairing damaged skin caused by the sun. This is followed by the
  2. second phase of products, based on antioxidants, which help reduce the damage caused by free radicals.
  3. The third protective phase includes agents that help moderate and balance processes occurring in the cell.

The principle of the three phases is implemented in the products of Holy Land Cosmetics, most of which contain these protective ingredients.

Our skin is exposed daily to a wide range of harmful effects, such as smoke, air pollution, dryness and ultra-violet rays, which results in the accumulation of free radicals in the body – the same particulates that cause the oxidation of fats and the break down of enzymes and proteins, and even influence the DNA, the genetic material of the cell. As a result, the skin ages more quickly. In order to combat premature aging of the skin, a new concept has been developed recently in the world of professional cosmetics: “The three phases of skin protection”. This concept, in which Holy Land Cosmetics is a player, is based on state-of-the-art know-how and understanding of the photo-aging processes and of the use of active and advanced cosmetic formulations, which help preserve the health and youthful appearance of the skin.

The three protective phases focus on reducing ultra-violet rays which harm the epidermis; reducing the damage caused by free radicals; and treating the processes that take place in the skin cells.

1. Reducing the damage of UV rays

The first phase addresses the photo-aging processes caused by UV rays, which are the main cause of damage to the skin. The UVA rays penetrate the sub-cutaneous connective tissue, causing long term damage, which plays a decisive role in destroying the elastic fibers, in thickening the collagen fibers, in the appearance of spots and wrinkles and in the development of skin cancer. UVB rays are responsible for tanning, sunburn and development of skin cancer. Skin protection and damage reduction must be accomplished by combining filters of rays such as UVA and UVB and dedicated formulations to protect against the sun as well as products meant for daily skin care.

"Sunbrella", the unique line of sun filters developed by Holy Land Cosmetics, includes double skin protection against the dangerous rays, composed of sun filters (SPF factor, a measure that expresses the ability to protect the skin via filtering the rays) and sun block – formula that acts to block the sun’s rays, and in fact reflects them back from the skin. The products in this line meet Israeli standards and Australian standards, which are the strictest in the world.

2. Reducing damage caused by free radicals

The second phase focuses on over oxidation caused by free radicals which can cause considerable damage to the skin tissue and may alter the structure of the skin and its elasticity. The products that contain antioxidants reduce the ability of these radicals to act, and in so doing reduce the damage they cause. Using a combination of formulations based on water-soluble antioxidants together with products that contain oil-soluble antioxidants affords the skin cells manifold synergetic and effective protection against damage. One of the most effective antioxidants is ascorbic acid – Vitamin C. Scientific studies have proven that the topical application of water-soluble vitamins can bring about “renewed intertwining” of collagen fibers in the skin and prevent and repair skin damage.

"Vitamin C Serum from the C" the Success line of Holy Land Cosmetics contains a higher active concentration of pure Vitamin C. This renders it an active formulation, providing real action of the vitamin and significant results.

Another important antioxidant that is oil-soluble is Vitamin E. Combining it with Vitamin C enhances the effectiveness of the action. Holy Land Cosmetics has several preparations that contain concentrated Vitamin E, among them:

3. Treating processes occurring in the cell

Our third phase addressed the Ultra violet rays that cause direct and indirect changes in the metabolism of the skin. Among others, they cause the increased break down of proteins that build the skin, mainly collagen and elastin fibers, and the secretion of inflammatory agents, which cause damage to the tissues.

According to recent scientific findings, the process of breaking down collagen and elastin is caused by specific enzymes found naturally in the body. In healthy skin, these enzymes are closely monitored by the control mechanisms but exposure to UV rays reduces the effective action of these mechanisms, resulting in increased destructive activity of the enzymes. Accordingly, the third protective phase focuses on moderating these cell processes by normalizing them. Retinol, which is the most active derivative of Vitamin A, has been proven to be highly effective in blocking enzymatic activities, and in so doing normalizing and moderating the activity of the skin cells. It is absorbed well by the skin, penetrates deep into the epidermis, enhances the elasticity of the skin and strengthens it.

The "Alpha-Beta & Retinol product line" of Holy Land Cosmetics was specially developed to restore and rejuvenate. Another product line that contains Retinol is "A-Nox Plus Retinol".

NOTE: In order to receive optimal skin protection against rapid aging, it is important to combine the three protective phases in daily care. The principle of the three phases has been incorporated by Holy Land Cosmetic s for some time, and many of its preparations contain active combinations of these protective ingredients.