Cosmetics for Men

SEA of SPA brings the treasures of nature to your personal grooming. 
The products are designed for today’s man who is aware of the importance of taking care of his facial skin.
A man’s facial skin has a coarser, oilier texture than that of a woman, 
and therefore requires grooming products made specifically for men. Male skin needs intensive nourishment and care, 
and above all moisture and oxygen.
Due to daily shaving, men's skin tends to dryness and is exposed to contamination/vulnerable to infection.
SEA of SPA brings you the BIO-MIMETIC-MEN series, 
a particularly innovative series of products with a revolutionary and unique complex of anti-aging ingredients that help to maintain the health of the male facial skin and help to prevent the signs of aging. 
The products are intended for daily cleansing and skin care, 
and contain the optimal active nourishing ingredients to maintain the proper balance of natural skin oils.
The unique complex in this series contains active minerals from the Dead Sea, 
pure oils and pure plant extracts to nourish male facial skin with moisture and oxygen, 
to fight wrinkles and to protect the skin from free radicals in the air.
The products contain SPF-25 sunscreen for protection from the sun's radiation.
Dead Sea Minerals
These minerals have been known for their healing properties for thousands of years. 
They are rich in anti-oxidants, improve moisture levels and give the skin a healthy, vital appearance.

Pure oils

Avocado oil:
Rich in vitamins A, B and D and essential fatty acids (vitamin F), 
avocado oil is easily absorbed by the skin and also helps to treat small wounds.

Jojoba oil:
Preserves the skin’s natural moisture, improves elasticity to prevent sagging, renews skin cells and softens wrinkles.

Almond oil:
Rich in essential fatty acids, it is excellent for treating cracked, dry and reddened skin.

Arnica oil:
Treats, soothes and energizes, repairs tissues, helps to reduce puffiness, infections and redness of facial skin.
Pure plant extracts

Cucumber extract known as an anti-inflammatory, chamomile extract known for its soothing properties, and gingko biloba extract, 
to stimulate blood flow.