Mask Gel Tourmaline Magnet
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Tourmaline Mask Gel Magnet

Mask Gel Tourmaline Magnet
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Tourmaline Mask Gel Magnet for Thinner Face ,Remove Pouch 
Health Magnetic Face Mask Slimming Skin care

Can improve facial cell repair

Promotes blood circulation to the facial skin and expels toxins

Brightens the skin, lifts and tightens to highlight a small face.

How to use the tourmaline bio mask:

 After cleansing, apply a toner after applying toner, lotion or essence, face cream, accelerate the absorption of skin circulation, and can play a good skin care and beauty effect. You can also wear a mask without applying a skin care product after applying the mask. (Note: If you wear it after applying the mask, please take the mask after removing the mask paper. Do not have mask paper between the skin and the mask, otherwise it will affect the effect.)

cold application: put the mask into the refrigerator to the comfortable temperature of the human body, and then wear on the face, can play the role of firming the skin, shrink pores, wrinkle and wrinkle.

hot application: put the mask into warm water, remove it after heating, it can activate skin activity, brighten skin tone, accelerate facial blood circulation, and produce ruddy complexion.

daily use method: can be used anytime, anywhere, watching TV, when surfing the Internet or when doing housework can wear a mask to enjoy the skin care beauty process.

Cleaning : If the mask is dirty, you can rinse it with water.

Shelf life: 6 months / use 200 times, each time 15-60 minutes