Ice Gel Mask
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Ice Gel Mask

Ice Gel Mask
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Ice Gel Mask - Hot Cold Therapy 

Sleep Mask gel for Puffy Eyes,Dark Circles,Skin Care Tool
Migraines,Headache,Sinus Pain, Acne

Reusable Cold and Hot Gel face mask natural therapy
for cold keep in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours
For heat keep in microwave not more than 40 seconds

Soft Plush protects against over cooling or burning even for the most sensitive skin
Double sided application - High quality
it locks the temperature for long time, so that cold and heat therapy is achievable easy

Hot and cold Therapy Gel beads / other side Polyester PVC
comfortable fabric backing
Gel bead backing
Environmentally friendly, non toxic latex free, Reusable 
can be hand washed. store in ventilated place.

Heat - increases blood flow to the effected area providing Oxygen and nutrients to aid
the healing process and help restore moment to the muscles and skin

Cold - it causes blood vessels to constrict , that minimizes your pores, shrinks the swelling and 
rejuvenate skin, subsides swelling

Directions : 
1. Do not apply gel beads directly to the face ( use the plush soft side )
2. Do not use on sensitive or irritated skin, on open wounds
3. do not use if the product is damaged or punctured. in case of contact with eyes, rinse abundantly wit hwater
4. for external use only
5. keep out of the reach of children
6. do not over heat or cold