Hot Cold Hammer EU plug
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Hot Cold Hammer EU plug

Hot Cold Hammer EU plug
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Hot Cold Hammer EU plug


Hot Cold Hammer Cryotherapy Blue Photon Acne Treatment Skin Beauty Massager
 Anti-aging Lifting Rejuvenation Facial Machine EU plug


1. Easy to operate and convenient for daily skin care.
2. Physical treatment and ultrasonic vibration, no side effect, safe and assured to use.
3. Working time and temperature can be displayed on the screen separately according to the modes you choose.
4. Slight vibration massage offers a comfortable feeling when moving slowly on the face under the hot mode.
5. Separate cold hot message heads bring the different treatment effect.
6. Ventilation design helps the heat distribution and avoid burning.
7. Using hot and cold alternately, can activate cells thoroughly, improve overall skin texture, skin tightening, facial lifting, pore shrinking, and eliminating eye bags and dark circles.

 Cold treatment effect :
? Shrink pores and blood vessel, it improves skin condition a lot.
? It can enhance skin elasticity, remove wrinkles and fine lines.
? It can cleansing skin and remove spots.
? Low metabolic rate and calm skin, relieve pain and tire, and it has a particular effect for sensitive skin.
? Cold treatment and blue light can relax skin and anti- acne.

 Hot treatment effect
? Warm and comfortable, cosy, and relax muscles.
? Enhance oxygen content of skin,open pores and help absorption easily.
? Clean out toxin and have a great effect on eye bags and dark circles.

1. For a better effect, please clean face first.
2. Please don't let any water into the machine, please clean the machine with dry cloth.
3. When the machine is working, please don't touch the hot or cold detector, in case of scald.
4. When you turn the machine off, the detector is still hot because heating conduction.
5. This product is not suitable for slow response, or dysphrenia people.
6. Away from children.

Item Type:Hot Cold Hammer

Product Include
1*Main Machine