Skin Dead Sea Cosmetics

Combination  of scientific research led  the dermatologists and professional chemists of skin Laboratories to produce Special products,they creates synergy and harmony between the natural minerals of the Dead Sea, and other component, such us Black caviar and high concentrations of vitamins kept in mini capsules (A special development keeping the vitamins fresh for a long period of time).

During the use of the product the mini capsules melt into the facial skin and the vitamins in them slowly absorb into the deep layers of the skin. rice-water extracts of berries combined (exclusive techniques that address pigmentation), Sea Buckthorn, lactate, licorice extracts, glycolic acid, and more .

Thanks to the active components and advanced technologies Skin Laboratories can provide to professional beauticians perfect products for a wide variety of skin problems.
The combination of products from various series enables beauticians to provide unique treatments for a wide range of skin problems,And for the client  to enjoy from the Improvement in  her face skin and Restoration of the skin over time.Skin Labs products provide a variety of professional-level solutions for all skin problems and all skin types,from oily skin and Acne through pigmentation problems,Treatment Anti-Ageing wrinkles and sagy skin Vitamins and nutrition therapy solution to the volume of foot problems Fungus, warts, cracked and dry skin, eczema, ingrown toenails, and more.